Getting Started

If you are confused about GDPR, do not know where to start, or you just want to make sure your church is doing what it needs to do to comply with GDPR then this page is the best place to start.

GDPR encompasses a range of different elements protecting people's privacy and if this is your first time looking at Data Protection then it could appear quite daunting. 

A lot of GDPR is common sense - treating data how you would want your own data to be treated - but this page gives some tips on how to get started with GDPR.

Register on a seminar or webinar

If you can attend one of our workshop sessions then this is the best place to start as you will hear firsthand how GDPR can affect churches. You will also be able to network with other churches at this event who are seeking to comply with GDPR.

Understand the key terms

Familiarise yourself with the terms Data Subject, Data Controller and Data Processor.

Your church may have someone who is a Data Protection Officer. If not then you will need to appoint someone to be responsible for Data Protection within your church.  Read our article on Data Protection Officers.

Understand where your data is

Your church may be holding personal data about individuals on spreadsheets, databases, documents, USB sticks or printed paper. GDPR encompasses all of these elements so you should list where your data is held. 

Understand the legal reasons for holding data

There are six legal bases for holding data and you must decide which is appropriate for your church. For the majority of people it is likely to be legitimate interest and/or consent. If it is consent then you will need to make sure that you have got valid consent from each individual.

Privacy Policy (or Privacy Notice)

Make sure that your Privacy Policy is correct and up to date.

Familiarise yourselves with the Rights

There are new and updated Rights that individuals have regarding their personal data. Make sure that you are aware of these.

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