Data Processor

Data Processor: this is any third party which processes data on behalf of the Data Controller. For example, if you use iKnow Church software, then Edit Websites Ltd, the parent company, would be your Data Processor.

The GDPR sets out requirements for the relationship between Data Controllers and Data Processors. There must be a written contract, which may at some point in the future need to contain specific clauses, although this is not currently the case.

Data Processors should provide ''sufficient guarantees' that they will protect Data Subjects and comply with GDPR, but responsibility ultimately rests with the Data Controller and not with the Data Processor, although the two will ideally work closely together.

The ICO has published guidance and a checklist for contracts between Data Controllers and Data Processors here.

Examples of Data Processors that your church could be using include:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • iKnow Church
  • MailChimp

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