Praying for People

We have had people ask us 'Can we still mention people by name when praying?'! There was even a well publicised story about this in a national newspaper following 25th May when GDPR came into effect. 

The answer is YES - you can still pray for people! 

However you should be sensitive as to who you share prayer requests with. This isn't just because of GDPR, but should always be the case as not everyone wants others to know certain prayer requests or needs.

Some people may have situations such as health issues where they want this to be kept confidential and do not want the wider church to know.

Many churches have prayer lists either printed, or sent via email to members of the church so our advice is:

  • If you put a prayer request in the public domain make sure the person who is being prayed for is happy for this to be shared.
  • If someone is asking for prayer for someone else then do not include their full details in any published communication.  It could just be their first name and what the prayer need is. God knows who you are praying for!
  • If it is appropriate, then when visiting someone who is sick ask if they would be happy to be included on the prayer chain/ newsletter/ list.



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