Data Portability

The Right to Data Portability means that an individual can ask for their data to be transferred from one IT system to another, in a safe, secure way which ensures confidentiality. 

An example could be that you already hold a church member’s information in a spreadsheet, and as a church you are now transferring to the church management software iKnow Church. The right to data portability means that the church member can ask you to transfer their data from one system to another without their having to re-enter it all.

A system like iKnow enables you to do this by uploading a .csv file containing multiple records. You need to consider whether or not a request will affect other members as well.

You must ensure that the data is transferable for an individual in a secure manner. You need to respond to the request within one month, or two months if the request is particularly complex.

Read more about data portability here.

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