Restrict Processing

The Right to Restrict Processing is not the same as the Right to Object or the Right to Erasure. It does not mean that you have to delete the data, only that you are not allowed to do anything other than store it.

 Individuals will only exercise their right to restrict processing under specific circumstances. These include:

  • Someone has told you that their data is incorrect. Right to restrict processing requires that you do not process this data until it has been corrected.
  • Someone has exercised their right to object, but you need time to find out whether you need to continue processing that information for a reason which overrides that individual's request.
  • If further processing is against the law, but the individual has requested that you restrict processing instead of deleting the data. 
  • You no longer need the data but the individual wants you to hold onto it as they may need it for legal reasons.

If you share the data with any third parties, you must also inform them of the processing restrictions. You must also inform them and the individual when and if the restriction is lifted.

More information is available on the ICO website here.

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